Online Retail Services

Content is an integral part of any E-commerce website. In today's world, Content is a key to solving number of merchandising and marketing problems associated with online selling.

MITS's content services offering deliver high quality online content leveraging domain category expertise and proven execution methodologies.

Item Setup

In an online world, very often we see that marketplaces/ online retailers do not carry the products with complete/ correct content. Some of the content issues are:

We at MITS make sure that each of your Product has the best of content. Even if the retailers or suppliers does not supply the required content, our content experts can source relevant data and digital content (attribute data, images, videos etc) from manufacturer, suppliers and other retailers.


As the online visitor can't touch the product, the only way to make him feel good about the look of product is the great quality Images of the Product.

Product Attribution

Customer would leave the online store if they don't find the relevant and correct information they needed to make their final purchase decision. How often do you face this?

Detailed specifications means that the customer is not left out speculating about the particulars/attributes of the product and that will consequently reduce the rate of customer drop outs.

MITS has access to multiple sources (manufacturer, supplier   retailers) for data collection and can play a pivotal role in making sure that your product has complete and correct attribution.

Product Classification

Ensuring correct product classification is a humongous task for any online retailer especially if there are huge quantities. Also, as the data is gathered from multiple sources this could really be a biggest challenge to tackle.

We at MITS, are trained to support online retailers in ensuring that products are classified correctly and with an organised and logical catalogue helps customers to navigate with ease within the website.

Product Description

In an online world of retail, the biggest game changer is compelling Product description. Since the customer is not seeing the product, it is of utmost importance for any online retailer to bring best of product description for the customers to read and help him make an intelligent buying decision. MITS solutions has a qualified team of seasoned product writers who can help you with the following:

Taxonomy Development

Having a proper and organised taxonomy ensures quick navigation to the product information the customer needs and helps him make a faster shopping decision. Unorganised website with haphazard taxonomy will lead to a confused customer. In situations like these, customer would not make a purchase since he is lost on the website and will probably leave it, probably unlikely to return.

Developing proper and optimized E-commerce taxonomy is one of our core competencies. Our taxonomy specialists analyse behaviour of potential customers who search for your product over search engines and collect the information on the keywords the use to reach you, the vocabulary they use, and the product grouping and arrangement they expect, etc. We, accordingly organize your E-commerce store to make it easier for your customers to buy items

Product Data Enrichment

A company makes lot of investments to bring potential customers to the web page and it can't be more devastating if they leave the page due to lack of information or incorrect information. Hence it is very critical that the information provided is absolutely right and complete to ensure that the customer is not in doubt and is convinced to buy the product.

We help owners discover areas where information is incomplete, incorrect or repetitive. Our data QA specialists can spot products where the content is not upto the mark and needs enrichment. Our experts can prove their skills on absolutely any kind of catalogue be it cosmetics, sports equipment, electronics, car accessories or home products to identify areas of concern and then doing the enrichment.

Pricing Intelligence

In today's world, there are very high chances that the same product is being sold by multiple retailers. Competition is highly competitive and cut throat and sometimes pricing is the only edge you have over your competitors.

Our CI experts can help you do Real time price monitoring to ensure that you are selling your products at the most competitive price. Apart from the price monitoring, we can also track the inventory for the top selling products to keep you abreast of the stock levels.

Assortment Intelligence

Until and unless you carry the top selling products, your assortment in any particular category can't be complete or most optimised. In today's internet world, you need to listen to consumers and not the suppliers to intelligently decide what you need to add to your inventory, what you need to keep in your inventory and what you to need to drop from your inventory.

Our proven methodology can help online retailers uncover the gaps in your product assortment by capturing social demand signals. We at MITS, consistently monitor the industry and track consumer demand signals to predict the Best Sellers and help clients add them in their inventory to enjoy the early benefits.